Ep. 8 Understand the meaning of the present simple verb tense

Transcript Hi, I’m Mark. Welcome back to another E2 English podcast where we talk about English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation every single week. You get to practice your listening skills and learn valuable tips to become more fluent in English.   Today we’re talking about grammar. We’re going to focus on the meanings of the most […]

How to learn English in 2022 with these eight new tips

Welcome to 2022 and welcome to E2 English. My name is Jay and in this blog, I’m going to talk about how you can improve your English language skills this year to become as fluent as an English native speaker in reading, writing, listening and speaking. You can do it and I’m going to show […]

Learn 550 words to become fluent in English (or any other language)

Did you know that you only need to learn 550 words to become conversationally fluent in English? This applies to any language you’re learning, whether it be Spanish or Farsi or Japanese. You see, all languages, at their core, are the same. In fact, all languages have three main ingredients: That’s it. There are three […]

How to become fluent in English

Fluent Pronunciation through sounds, syllables, stress and spelling Everyone wants to learn English fast, and everyone wants to be FLUENT in English. But how do you become fluent in English? Let’s find out… To become ‘fluent’ we need to get better at speaking. To get better at speaking you need to get better at: Sounds, […]

How to learn English fast

learn english fast cover image

To learn English quickly, we need to understand what English is. What is it made of? What are its ingredients? It turns out that English only has three ingredients. The 3 Ingredients to Learn English Vocabulary – or words Grammar – or rules Pronunciation – or sounds Let’s look a little closer at each of […]