How to become fluent in English

Fluent Pronunciation through sounds, syllables, stress and spelling Everyone wants to learn English fast, and everyone wants to be FLUENT in English. But how do you become fluent in English? Let’s find out… To become ‘fluent’ we need to get better at speaking. To get better at speaking you need to get better at: Sounds, […]

How to learn English fast

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To learn English quickly, we need to understand what English is. What is it made of? What are its ingredients? It turns out that English only has three ingredients. The 3 Ingredients to Learn English Vocabulary – or words Grammar – or rules Pronunciation – or sounds Let’s look a little closer at each of […]

E2 English endorsed by NEAS!

E2, proudly endorsed by NEAS.  We have great news! E2 English has received the big tick of approval from Australia’s National English Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) – the global leader of quality assurance in the English Language teaching community.  E2 English is now a NEAS Premium Product. Students can sign up for our courses, knowing that […]

How to learn English phrasal verbs


What is a phrasal verb? Phrasal verbs have two or three words and two or more meanings. They usually have at least one literal meaning, for example “She took off her coat” (removed an article of clothing) or “The librarian took the book off the shelf” (lifted an object from a surface) or “The plane […]

Hi, I’m Amber!


Amber is one of our E2School teachers and Head of SpeakingLab and Grammar Review. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Linguistics and French) and a Master of TESOL. Tell us about yourself?I was born in the UK and grew up in Oxford, a city known for its love of learning and teaching! Since then, […]

Welcome to E2 English!


What is E2 English? E2 English is a website that teaches English language. It is one of the first websites in the world to do two very important things. First, the website combines all of the parts of English including pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, speaking and even spelling! Second, the website can take […]