Ep. 21 English Pronunciation – Be easily understood by Linking in English with Mark

Ep 20 Everyday English

Another week, another episode of Everyday English with E2! Each week we focus on English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling. This week we are practising our pronunciation by using an amazing resource known as ‘Linking’ or ‘Connected Speech’. Transcription Hi there, it’s Mark here. Welcome to Everyday English with E2. Each week, we focus on […]

Ep.19 English Vocabulary – Learn Aussie Slang with Jay!

Ep 19 Aussie slang with Jay

Australian English has some unique features including the ‘shortening’ of words. This makes Australian English fun and simple. But if you don’t know how these rules work, it will be very confusing. In this podcast, join Jay to learn some Australian slang words including ‘mozzie’, ‘postie’ and ‘avo’. You will also learn how Australians make […]

Ep.16 English spelling tips with Mark

Ep. 16 English Spelling

English Spelling: Hi, I’m Mark and welcome to another episode of Everyday English with E2 where every week we focus on English grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation – but this week we’re doing something a little different. We’re going to focus on English spelling and I’m going to try to convince you that English spelling is […]

Ep.15 English Vocabulary – Introduce yourself in English like a PRO with Jay

Ep.15 Introduce yourself like a pro

Welcome to the Everyday English podcast with E2. Each week some of the best English teachers in the world teach you all you need to know about English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. You can also practice what you hear in this podcast with our online English courses at www.e2english.com where you can sign up for […]

Ep. 14 English Grammar – Understand and master nouns with Mark

Ep. 14 Nouns

Hi, my name is Mark and this is the Everyday English podcast with E2. Remember to subscribe to this podcast and also check out www.e2english.com if you want to improve your English grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation.  Today we’re talking about something that might seem simple but is in fact quite complicated, and very interesting. We’re […]

Ep. 12 English Vocabulary – The most important idioms in English

Everyday English ep. 12 Idioms

In this podcast episode, Jay discusses the TWO different types of idioms in English – proverb idioms like “to kick the bucket” – and idiomatic phrases like “kind of” or “count on” or “after all”. It turns out that native English speakers know just as many idiomatic phrases as they do single words. Put another […]

Learn 550 words to become fluent in English (or any other language)

Did you know that you only need to learn 550 words to become conversationally fluent in English? This applies to any language you’re learning, whether it be Spanish or Farsi or Japanese. You see, all languages, at their core, are the same. In fact, all languages have three main ingredients: That’s it. There are three […]