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  • Short vowel Lessons & Activities
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  • Combined vowel Lessons & Activities
  • Voiced consonants Lessons & Activities
  • Unvoiced consonants Lessons & Activities

Essential and advanced pronunciation practice activities, lessons and classes!

The Pronunciation Bundle has two courses. The first course, Essential Pronunciation, is a beginner course that introduces you to the 44 phonemes, or sounds, that make up the English language. 

The second course, Advanced English, teaches you about more complex spoken sounds that are created by combining phonemes to produce what is known as consonant clusters. Together, the two courses provide a comprehensive range of lessons including listening and pronunciation practice activities to help you improve all aspects of your English pronunciation.

Pronunciation Course Details

Essential Pronunciation Course

The Essential Pronunciation course includes:

Who is this course for?

Essential Pronunciation is for students who want to:

How does the course work?​

Advanced Pronunciation Course

The Advanced Pronunciation course focuses on the more complex sounds of the English language known as consonant clusters.

What are consonant clusters?

The course includes:

Each lesson contains:

Who is this course for?​

Advanced Pronunciation is for students who want to:

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