What is a pronoun in English grammar? In English Grammar, Pronouns take the place of a noun. They stand in as a substitute for a noun and so avoid the need to keep repeating nouns or noun phrases. In the first sentence in this blog, “Pronouns” is a noun whereas, in the second sentence, “they” […]



What are Collocations? Collocations are words that go together. The prefix “co-” means together (as in co-operate, committee, company). “Location” is a formal word for “place.” The Oxford Dictionary describes collocations as words that are “habitually juxtaposed”. I think it is more helpful to call them words that often go together. Why are they called […]

Present Perfect Continuous

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What is present perfect continuous? Present perfect continuous is a way of looking at events that have been happening in the past up until now and possibly also into the future… Although it is a present “tense”, actually a combination of “aspects”, it refers to the past, as we see it from now. It is […]



What is an adjective? Adjectives are describing words. They give us more information about nouns. They give information about size, colour, shape, age, and opinions about things.Life would be very dull without adjectives. They add colour and life to language and allow us to express our feelings about things and our reaction to things. How […]


Prepositions are some of the most commonly-used words in English. They are short, apparently simple words which tell us something about position either in space or in time. The name “preposition” is a good clue”. They tell us about position. “Pre-” means “before”. In English, prepositions always come before the noun. In some languages, such […]



Articles are used before nouns. In English there are only two articles, a/an and the. The noun “article” has several different meanings. Here, we are talking about a word class or part of speech such as noun, verb and adjective. A short piece of writing in a magazine or newspaper or on the internet is […]

How to learn English grammar


One of the most difficult aspects of learning another language is grammar. Grammar is the systems and structures that are used in a particular language. Perfect grammar is not always essential for communication. We can convey simple ideas and requests with a minimum of grammar. However, for more complex communication in spoken conversation,and especially in […]

How to learn English vocabulary


There are about 170,000 words in the English language but any one person uses only 20,000 to 30,000 of them. That still seems like a pretty big number. It is, however, possible to learn this number of words. The most important thing to know is that it takes time. It won’t happen overnight but it […]



What is an adverb? Adverbs are describing words. Like adjectives, they add colour, interest and description to our writing. Adverbs give more information about verbs. The name “adverbs” shows this. They also provide more information about adjectives and other adverbs. Adjectives describe only nouns. How do you form an adverb? Very often, adverbs are formed […]


What is a noun? Nouns are naming words. They name things, places, people, animals and so on. Every language has nouns. There are many nouns in English. Everything has at least one noun that names it. We need nouns so that we have a way of talking about things. If we know the name of […]