Ep. 14 English Grammar – Understand and master nouns with Mark

Ep. 14 Nouns

Hi, my name is Mark and this is the Everyday English podcast with E2. Remember to subscribe to this podcast and also check out www.e2english.com if you want to improve your English grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation.  Today we’re talking about something that might seem simple but is in fact quite complicated, and very interesting. We’re […]

Ep. 11 English Grammar – The importance of Modal Verbs with Andrea

Episode 11 Modal Verbs

Hi there, it’s Andy here. Welcome to Everyday English with E2. Each week, we focus on English grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation, and this week we’re focusing on an important part of grammar called modal verbs. But we’re NOT going to learn when to use can or could or how “should” means the same thing as […]

Indefinite Articles (a, an)


An indefinite article (“a” or “an”) is used with singular countable nouns when we mention something for the first time and also when it is unimportant which particular thing we are talking about. Indefinite Article Free Download What is an indefinite article? An indefinite article (“a” or “an”) is used with singular countable nouns when […]

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What is a pronoun in English grammar? In English Grammar, Pronouns take the place of a noun. They stand in as a substitute for a noun and so avoid the need to keep repeating nouns or noun phrases. In the first sentence in this blog, “Pronouns” is a noun whereas, in the second sentence, “they” […]


Prepositions are some of the most commonly-used words in English. They are short, apparently simple words which tell us something about position either in space or in time. The name “preposition” is a good clue”. They tell us about position. “Pre-” means “before”. In English, prepositions always come before the noun. In some languages, such […]



Articles are used before nouns. In English there are only two articles, a/an and the. The noun “article” has several different meanings. Here, we are talking about a word class or part of speech such as noun, verb and adjective. A short piece of writing in a magazine or newspaper or on the internet is […]

How to learn English grammar


One of the most difficult aspects of learning another language is grammar. Grammar is the systems and structures that are used in a particular language. Perfect grammar is not always essential for communication. We can convey simple ideas and requests with a minimum of grammar. However, for more complex communication in spoken conversation,and especially in […]