Hello everyone! I’m David

David is one of our fantastic teachers at E2 English. Before working at E2, David previously worked for a range of online education companies focused on teaching English as a second language. David has a BA, Dip Ed, Cert TEFL and a Master of TESOL. Below, we asked him a few questions about two of […]

E2 English endorsed by NEAS!

E2, proudly endorsed by NEAS.  We have great news! E2 English has received the big tick of approval from Australia’s National English Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) – the global leader of quality assurance in the English Language teaching community.  E2 English is now a NEAS Premium Product. Students can sign up for our courses, knowing that […]

Hello! I’m Kaylene

Kaylene is one of our awesome teachers and the Head of E2School. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Science, a TEFL and a CELTA. She can’t wait to meet you! Tell us about yourself? I was born in New Zealand. My family immigrated to Australia when I was a child. After graduating from university, […]

Hey! I’m Graeme

Graeme is so excited to teach you at E2School! Tell us about you! I started my first degree at the University of Salford, England in French, Russian and Italian, but dropped out after 2 years,  travelled overland to India and ended up in Australia. There I met my wife, and after 2 years, went back […]

Hi there, I’m Sarah!

Sarah is one of our amazing teachers at E2School. Background: I come from a small town near Manchester in the north of England; however, I’ve spent more than half my life in my adopted country, Spain. After studying an undergraduate degree in Law, I found my love of teaching on a ‘year out’ in Barcelona […]

Podcast: How A.I. can improve your pronunciation


Episode 20 w/ Jay & Nick Speaker: Welcome to E2Talks. It’s a podcast where we chat about the English language landscape. In this podcast Jay is joined by Nick Jenkins, the founder of Language Confidence – an AI-driven software as a service product that gives students automatic corrective feedback on their pronunciation. In this discussion, […]

Hello! I’m Bailey

Bailey is our new E2School teacher and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and is TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certified. Welcome, Bailey! Tell us about yourself. I graduated from The University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and an emphasis in American Studies. My first job after graduation was as a customer support manager for […]

Hey! I’m Mel


Introducing the fabulous Mel! Having taught English since 2010 and with a CELTA Certificate and MA TESOL, Mel is so excited to teach everyone at E2School. Tell us about your experience. I have a CELTA Certificate and MA TESOL and have been teaching English since 2010. I’ve also been teaching IELTS since 2013. In addition, […]

Hi, I’m Amber!


Amber is one of our E2School teachers and Head of SpeakingLab and Grammar Review. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Linguistics and French) and a Master of TESOL. Tell us about yourself?I was born in the UK and grew up in Oxford, a city known for its love of learning and teaching! Since then, […]

G’day, I’m Jay

Jay is the Director of Teaching and Learning at E2Language and holds a Master of Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne. Tell us about your background? I’ve been an English language teacher since I was 20! I also have a Master of Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne What’s your top tip for […]