G’day, I’m Jay

Jay is the Director of Teaching and Learning at E2Language and holds a Master of Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne. Tell us about

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Technology in E2School

Bonus Episode – Technology in E2School w/ E2Experts Kaylene & Amber by E2Talks In this episode, Amber chats with Kaylene. They are both teachers and

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What is an adjective? Adjectives are describing words. They give us more information about nouns. They give information about size, colour, shape, age, and opinions

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Prepositions are some of the most commonly-used words in English. They are short, apparently simple words which tell us something about position either in space

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Articles are used before nouns. In English there are only two articles, a/an and the. The noun “article” has several different meanings. Here, we are

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What is an adverb? Adverbs are describing words. Like adjectives, they add colour, interest and description to our writing. Adverbs give more information about verbs.

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What is a noun? Nouns are naming words. They name things, places, people, animals and so on. Every language has nouns. There are many nouns

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